To know if the Russian girl has a crush on you, see if she has these three signs!

When we date Russian girls, our core goal is to get married. In this case, we need to know whether they like us or not. And to know whether Russian girls have a good impression to you, in fact, it is not difficult to see whether she has the following three performances to know!

She is always lively when communicate with you
Russian girls tend to be cool outside but hot inside. Especially in the face of their own crush of boys, their hearts that warm will be more obvious. If she has a crush on you, so, when you communicate with her (no matter in person or online), she will be particularly lively, always able to mobilize the atmosphere of your chat, will chat with you very happy. If, on the other hand, she is cool with your communication, you will understand that she doesn’t like you very much.

Meet you, will elaborate gifts
Russian girls usually prepare gifts for each other when they go on a date. But the gifts they give can be quite different depending on who they’re dating. If she is attracted to you and is willing to go deep with you, you will find that her gifts are carefully prepared and are always a pleasant surprise to you, while if her gifts are obviously just a courtesy requirement, you will be just friends.

Keep an eye on your career and life from time to time
Russian girls have a softer side, too. They are just as concerned about a man they have a crush on as any other girl. If you have a Russian girl who is constantly showing concern for all aspects of your career and life, and you can clearly feel that this concern is not just from your friends, then the Russian girl is 90 percent attracted to you. On the contrary, if she is indifferent to your recent situation, she will probably not like you.

If you know a Russian girl who has hit all three points, then congratulations, she must have a crush on you, and likes you very much, maybe you can marry her in the near future!

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